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Hiltons Flooring is a great place to meet all of your flooring needs in Arlington and across Dallas/Fort Worth. We’re committed to our craft, and we’ve been serving the community for many years. In that commitment, we have mastered vinyl flooring, and we can show you an impressive selection and pair it with flooring expertise. If you want help finding the perfect vinyl floors, you can get it here.

When you work with Hiltons Flooring, you don’t have to go into your decision blind. You can trust that we want you to love it, and we’ll go the distance to make sure that you do. From your first moment of browsing all the way through installation, we can help you with every step of getting new floors.

We take pride in our friendly team of flooring experts who are ready to advise you on what type of flooring you should get based on your space, budget, preferences, and requirements.

We will walk you through all the ideal options for you patiently and explain to you their benefits without making you feel overwhelmed. We will never pressure you to buy luxury vinyl flooring, vinyl wood flooring, waterproof vinyl flooring, bathroom vinyl flooring or any type of flooring you are unhappy with. It’s up to you to decide whether we are the best vinyl plank flooring installers you are looking for. When you’re ready to hire professional vinyl floor contractors in Dallas, we’ll be there.

For the best vinyl flooring selection and installation services in Dallas/Fort Worth, contact us today.

Arlington, TX, Vinyl Floor Showroom

It’s not always easy to understand the differences and value of vinyl flooring unless you experience it directly. That’s why we have a vinyl floor showroom located in Arlington, TX. We showcase all of our many luxury vinyl flooring options. You can browse them at your leisure and see for yourself why vinyl floors are a popular option for many homes and businesses.

While you’re browsing, our expert staff will be available to guide you, answer questions, and make sure you’re having a pleasant experience. Choosing floors should be part of an exciting, happy process. After all, you’re choosing floors that will be under your feet for years to come.

No need to feel overwhelmed when shopping for luxury vinyl plank flooring at our showroom as our friendly and service-minded vinyl flooring installation professionals will make sure that you are comfortable to ask any question you have in mind that can help you arrive at the optimal decision for your home or commercial space.

If you’re among those who endlessly searched for “linoleum flooring Dallas”, “vinyl flooring near me”, and “vinyl flooring Dallas, TX” on the internet but to no avail, visit our vinyl floor showroom at Arlington to find what you’ve been looking for all this time.

Types of Vinyl Flooring We Offer

With the multitude of options for vinyl flooring for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and other home spaces available, it can be easy to get confused about which one you should go for.

Here are the top popular types of vinyl flooring you should consider:

  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles/Planks: Luxury vinyl has all the advantages of regular vinyl with the added advantages of greater durability and a luxurious aesthetic. It can be customized to a great degree, enabling any home to have unique and beautiful flooring that is still remarkably durable and low maintenance.
  • Sheet Vinyl: Vinyl sheets come in wide rolls. This reduces the number of seams in a floor and helps control moisture, making sheet vinyl a durable, low-maintenance option for kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl sheeting is a higher-quality alternative to linoleum. It can be fashioned to look like pretty much anything, so you can choose any aesthetic and receive the benefits of vinyl.
  • Glue-Down Luxury Vinyl Planks: Glue-down planks are thin planks of vinyl which are all individually adhered to the subfloor. Since each plank is glued down, these planks are good for commercial applications and high-traffic areas. Glue-down planks can either be hard-set or applied using a pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Floating Planks: Floating planks are a bit thicker than glue-down planks. Only the outer perimeter of planks are glued down, and the remaining planks are clicked into place. There are two options for floating planks: wood-plastic composite (WPC) and stone-plastic composite (SPC). WPC floating planks feel better underfoot, and are therefore the best for residential applications. SPC floating planks are sturdier, and can therefore be used in more commercial applications.

These are just some of the best kinds of vinyl flooring you can go for. We have an entire collection of vinyl flooring at our showroom that you can choose from to match your existing home or commercial space interior seamlessly.

You can view each of the vinyl options on our Selecting Vinyl page. It’s full of important information that will help you choose the perfect flooring for any room. If you’d like tips for vinyl flooring maintenance, visit our Vinyl Care page.

DFW Vinyl Floor Installation and Replacement Experts

After you choose the type of vinyl flooring for your space, our professional vinyl floor installers will not only ensure that your brand-new vinyl flooring looks beautiful and even, but they can also save you from future repair costs by ensuring the longevity and durability of their application. That’s why when it comes to the installation of your home’s flooring, trust only the professionals at Hilton’s Flooring.

Have you ever installed vinyl floors before? We’ve done it more times than we can count, and we can professionally install your vinyl floors too. If you want great vinyl floors reliably installed in your Dallas/Fort Worth house, you want Hiltons Flooring.

If you also want the friendly, local touch, you’re still in the right place. We’ve been in Arlington for 26 years, and we’re not going anywhere. We’re here to help you get the floors you want, so take advantage.

Call us or stop by our Arlington showroom today. We can answer all of your questions and help you explore options you didn’t even know were out there. Then, we’ll set you up with a professional installation that leaves you with breathtaking floors at your Dallas/Fort Worth home.

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