How to Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your Arlington, TX, Home

Selecting Vinyl Flooring for your home

Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Flooring

Non-textile flooring, which includes rubber, vinyl, and linoleum, is known for its resilience. Vinyl flooring is solid, but it still has some flexibility when you walk on it. This ability to flex adds to comfort without sacrificing durability. People have been using non-textile floors for decades, which means you can install vinyl flooring with confidence. 

In modern times vinyl flooring has come a long way. A variety of colors and patterns are now available, allowing you to find almost any style. Vinyl flooring options that mimic the look of marble, stone, wood, and ceramic are all available. The technology used to create these floors is highly precise and advanced, creating a realistic look and feel. 

Vinyl flooring includes an infusion of urethane and aluminum oxide particles to protect against scratching and make cleaning simple and easy. At Hiltons Flooring, we offer several different types of vinyl flooring to meet the needs of any buyer. All these different vinyl options are moisture resistant and designed to be durable. Contact us today or visit our showroom in Arlington, TX to learn more.

Types of Vinyl Flooring We Offer

Glue-Down Planks

Glue-down luxury vinyl planks are generally around 2-3 cm thick. Each plank is individually secured to the floor. They can be hard set (an adhesive is applied to the floor and the planks are placed on top) or pressure sensitive (planks are manufactured with an adhesive and adhered to the floor using pressure).

Virtually any pattern is available for glue-down vinyl planks, including pearlized finishes, bright colors, and contemporary designs. Luxury vinyl planks may also be designed to look like fossilized stone, concrete, or wood. The performance of luxury vinyl exceeds stone and wood, thanks to its ease of installation and resistance to scratches and warping. Glue-down planks are also warm to the touch and quieter to walk on, and they never needs to be refinished. 

Suitable for: Commercial applications, high traffic areas

Wood-Plastic Composite Floating Planks

Wood-plastic composite is a specific luxury vinyl construction that is manufactured with a wood-plastic composite backing, as opposed to a backing composed of solid PVC. The backing used for wood plastic composite vinyl floors is made of plastic composites and recycled wood pulp. The top layer of wood plastic composite is a standard vinyl layer that is designed to achieve the desired aesthetic. 

Floating planks are thicker than glue-down planks, the planks aren’t individually glued down, and the core feels softer. This means a better feel on the feet and greater strength and stability. WPC floating planks are water-resistant and will not warm even in humid environments or following a spill. WPC floating vinyl planks do not require underlayment, which saves both time and money. 

Suitable for: Residential applications

Stone-Plastic Composite Floating Planks

Just like WPC floating planks, stone-plastic composite floating planks are thicker than glue-down planks and they are not individually glued down. The main difference between SPC and WPC is that stone-plastic composite is sturdier. This makes it feel less comfortable underfoot and makes it better for high-traffic areas.

Suitable for: Commercial applications, high-traffic areas.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is affordable, durable, and moisture resistant. It is also easy to maintain. You can purchase sheet vinyl in a wide variety of colors and designs. Both 12-foot widths and 6-foot widths are available. Many people now opt for the larger width to eliminate seams. Although it is possible to install sheet vinyl yourself, the process requires great precision, so professional installation is recommended. 

Suitable for: Kitchens, bathrooms, entryways   

If you need help choosing the best flooring type for your Dallas/Fort Worth home, stop by the Hiltons Flooring showroom in Arlington, TX. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you out. When you’ve chosen the perfect flooring, we can schedule professional installation at your home or business.