What Are Thinscape WilsonArt Countertops?

What Are Thinscape WilsonArt Countertops

Thinscape WilsonArt countertops are often referenced by those in the home remodeling industry, yet some homeowners aren’t exactly sure what these unique counters are really all about. The Thinscape performance tops are distinct from every other option available on the market. These counters were expertly designed for an elegant aesthetic that makes a kitchen look and feel that much more upscale and welcoming.

All in all, the Thinscape WilsonArt countertop collection has a dozen slim, versatile, and sturdy slabs. These slabs feature on-trend materials for truly artful surfaces you are proud to have in your home. Examples of such surface materials include aged metal, planked wood, large stone, and quartz. Thinscape provides a balance of presentation, durability, functionality, and affordability. There is no need for any type of special tooling when these counters are added to your home or other space.

Countertops That Prove Resistant to Damage

Each of these unique countertop creations is resistant to water, meaning you won’t have to worry about damage from spills or other forms of moisture. Add in the fact that the Thinscape WilsonArt counters are resistant to stains and can be maintained with ease in the kitchen, and there is even more reason to upgrade your home’s counters.

A Thin Performer

Though Thinscape WilsonArt counters are thinner than some others, they are eye-popping, functional, and sleek. These thin counters are designed with performance and beauty in mind, ultimately providing your kitchen with the optimal combination of form and function. Thinscape is the happy medium between thin porcelain that looks modern yet doesn’t stand the test of time and conventional harder materials such as granite and marble that hold strong yet prove quite costly.

Flexible and Artful Countertops Suitable for Every Home

Wouldn’t it be nice if your countertops were the highlight of your kitchen, bathroom, and other parts of your home? If your current counters are outdated, unsightly, or simply no longer appeal to you and/or your family, add Thinscape WilsonArt counters to your kitchen, bathroom, or other room, and you’ll feel as though you are living in a new home. These artful counters can also be added to garage worktops and laundry rooms.

Choose the WilsonArt Thinscape design option that is ideal for your home, and you’ll be proud of your new counters’ look and function. Thinscape WilsonArt counters are available in an array of design options, one of which is sure to look fantastic in your home. From the popular stone design option to granite, wood, and marble, there’s a design for every unique kitchen, bathroom, and other room in the home in need of new countertops.

American-Made Counters

Part of what makes Thinscape counters so unique is that they are made with the highest quality craftsmanship. The materials and labor used to create these distinct counters are both from right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. The fact that the counters are made in America means they also carry the UL GreenGuard Gold Certification. This certification is indicative of elite indoor air quality.

Domestic manufacturing is also beneficial in the context of counter production and installation as it ameliorates potential supply chain issues, ultimately ensuring your new counters are installed in accordance with the promised timetable. Add in the fact that the domestic production of Thinscape counters allows for greater control over product inventory and availability without the worry of tariffs pertaining to international trade, and there is even more reason to support the American economy by adding Thinscape counters to your home.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Thinscape performance countertops do not require specialized cleaning solutions. Nor do these counters require highly frequent cleanings. Thinscape counters can be cleaned with relative ease, yet they don’t require a considerable amount of attention as they are resistant to impact, moisture, and scratches.

A Small Foundation With Big Appeal

Though the foundation of Thinscape counters is intentionally small and comparably thin, the diminutive build of the counters is revered as a strength. Thinscape counters perform better than other counters, retain their beauty, and hold strong years into their lifespan. These qualities are precisely why Thinscape has taken the sector by storm.

Thin countertops pair just right with modern thin cabinets, creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Fast forward a couple years into the future, and you just might find Thinscape has set the trend of kitchen and bathroom counters with a wave of new counters with thin profiles.

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