What Are Cambria Quartz Countertops?

What Are Cambria Quartz Countertops

You might have heard of Cambria quartz in passing, yet you probably don’t know what this unique material is really all about. Cambria quartz is a material commonly used to make kitchen countertops. Consider the information about Cambria quartz included below before moving forward with your next home renovation or improvement project, and you’ll make a well-informed decision without a hint of regret.

The Inside Scoop on Cambria Quartz

Take a look at the number of countertop options on the market, and you might feel as though you are being inundated with an avalanche of information. Sort through the surplus of options, zero in on the cream of the crop, and you’ll find Cambria quartz emerges as one of the best. Cambria quartz has rapidly grown in popularity partially because it is more exotic than other options in terms of aesthetics, holds strong over time, and proves resistant to force as well as potential staining.

Cambria quartz slabs consist of quartz that is crushed along with a small amount of pigment and binder. Cambria quartz is quartz as opposed to quartzite. Quartzite is a type of stone not too different from marble. Cambria quartz counters are resistant to heat, meaning you can use the stove, oven, convection oven, and other sources of heat by the counters without worry. However, it is still advisable to use a heat pad barrier between hot pots/pans and the counter surface.

Why Is Cambria Quartz So Strong and Durable?

Our home renovations experts are often asked why Cambria quartz is so formidable, holding strong and looking amazing even after years of exposure to food, liquids, heat, and other harmful forces. Cambria quartz counters are made with a unique technological process. After the pure white quartz is mined, quarried quartz pieces are sorted based on shade of white. The best pieces are used for counters. Each piece of quartz is ground into the appropriate size, aggregated to one another, combined with the use of binder, and vibrated to prevent air from moving inward.

Once the air is removed, the slabs are pressed to create the optimal sizes and then baked. The end result is a beautiful Cambria quartz slab that is the perfect blend of function and form. So don’t let any potential concerns regarding durability stop you from adding Cambria quartz to your home kitchen. Cambria quartz primarily consists of natural quartz, one of the world’s strongest stones, meaning it will prove durable as the years progress.

The Difference Between Cambria and the Rest of the Pack

At this point, you are likely curious about Cambria quartz yet unsure as to whether it is superior to other countertop options. Compare and contrast Cambria quartz to other materials used for kitchen counters, and you’ll find it has significant advantages.

Though there are some similarities between granite countertops and those made with Cambria quartz, it must be noted that Cambria quartz does not require sealing. Add in the fact that this unique material is resistant to scratching, and there is even more reason to choose it for your kitchen. You can even spill a beverage or other fluid directly onto the counter without worrying about lasting stains.

Cambria quartz is also somewhat unique in that it does not require ongoing maintenance, meaning there isn’t a need to regularly polish or seal the counters as is necessary with other materials. As an example, homeowners who opt for granite counters must chemically seal them once each year because the seal gradually dissipates as the year progresses.

The icing on the cake is the fact that Cambria quartz is resistant to bacteria. Cambria quartz surfaces are perfect for food prep. Lay out your ingredients, get to work preparing a delicious meal using your Cambria quartz nonporous surface, and you’ll whip up a tasty meal without having to worry about bacteria, mildew, mold, or other nasty tiny particles growing and making their way into your food.

Cambria Quartz Kitchen Counters: Safe, Easy, and Stress-Free!

Let’s get to what matters most: functionality. Kitchen counters are meant to serve a function rather than appear visually striking. Cambria quartz provides the best of both worlds, serving as a safe and stress-free space to prepare meals while simultaneously enhancing the look of the kitchen. In fact, NSF International has gone as far as certifying this type of countertop as a completely safe surface.

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