Arlington, TX, LVT Flooring Showroom and Installation

Trusted LVT Flooring Suppliers Serving Dallas/Fort Worth

Hiltons Flooring is one of the largest, most reliable flooring suppliers in the entire DFW region. Located in Arlington, TX, we house and store massive stockpiles of varied flooring options. You can find tile, stone, hardwood, and countless other options. All of it is available to see in our showroom, and we offer installation services to go with any flooring option.

Among those options, one of the best choices for many applications is luxury vinyl tile (LVT). It’s a cost-effective flooring option that provides the best of several worlds. Vinyl is extremely durable and easy to maintain. You won’t have to worry about easy damage to your flooring, and stains are rare.

On top of that, vinyl can match a ridiculous variety of aesthetics. Vinyl can look exactly like hardwood, natural stone, or just about anything else. With LVT, you get the exact look you wanted without the drawbacks of each of these materials.

On top of all of that, LVT is more affordable than many other types of flooring. It just might be the exact material you need for your new floors. Contact Hiltons Flooring for luxury vinyl tile supply and installation in Arlington or anywhere else in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Vinyl Flooring Showroom and Installation

Vinyl Flooring Showroom and Installation

Vinyl Flooring Showroom and Installation
Vinyl Flooring Showroom and Installation

Arlington, TX, Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Showroom

Shopping online makes a lot of things easier, but when it comes to picking out materials for a home or business, some things work better in person. There’s a reason you see actual paint samples before you commit to a color, and the same goes with flooring.

Our flooring showroom in Arlington is packed with vinyl options. At Hiltons Flooring, we have vinyl tiles and planks, and the range of displays is enough to leave you dizzy. You can see the entire selection with your own eyes and touch samples with your own fingers. You don’t have to guess how the vinyl will look in person or under certain lighting schemes.

When you visit the showroom, you’ll have access to seasoned flooring experts. We can answer all of your questions. We can also make recommendations to help you navigate the vast array of options before you. We’ll get to know you and your plans, and with that information, we can facilitate your visit to the showroom.

If you want to have the best vinyl tile possible for your home or business, visiting the showroom is the best way. Stop by our place in Arlington. We’ll be happy to see you, and you’ll be happy you came.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Brands

If you want to have the best floors, you need top-notch brands that provide quality materials at competitive prices. At Hiltons Flooring, we work with some of the best brands in the business. We have numerous samples available on the showroom floor, and we can order and source even more vinyl tile than can fit in a single warehouse.

Some of the most reliable brands in the business are the ones our customers choose the most. You can find all of the following at Hiltons:

  • Armstrong
  • Coretec
  • Daltie
  • Earthwerks
  • Karndean
  • Mathews & Parlo
  • MSI

That list is really just the beginning. The complete range of options is enough that you can find the perfect vinyl tile for any flooring project or concept. Best of all, we will work tirelessly to help you explore your options and find that perfect selection. Your amazing floors are already here at Hiltons Flooring in Arlington.

DFW Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation and Replacement Experts

Finding the perfect vinyl tile is a great start, but the story doesn’t end there. You still need to install the flooring. Hiltons offers professional installation throughout Dallas/Fort Worth to ensure that your tile becomes the floor you really want.

We offer new installations for new construction projects. We can also install vinyl tiles over existing floors. As often as not, the service is really a floor replacement. This means that we handle the demolition and disposal of the old flooring. When that half of the project is complete, we’ll install the vinyl tile and leave you with an impressive new floor.

All of the services you need for a great floor are available from Hiltons. Combine that with our impressive selection, and you have the total package.

If you need a new floor or are looking for a change, contact Hiltons Flooring today. We’d love to get to know you and talk about flooring options. When you figure out exactly what you want, we’ll be excited to install the flooring and transform your Dallas/Fort Worth space into something newer and better.