Staircase Remodel Ideas

Staircase Remodel Ideas

Want to remodel your staircase? The stairs in your home can be purely functional and get you from point A to point B, or they can be a powerful design element. If you’re ready to enhance the look of your stairs, you’ll need to know some terminology and what your options are. The staircase style, flooring, and railing you’re able to use will largely depend on the design of the house, but you’re not stuck with one style. Let’s take a look.   

Types of Staircases

Traditional Staircases

No surprise here; we’re talking about your everyday stairs, straight and direct. If your space calls for a traditional staircase, make the most of it. Variations in flooring, railing, and spindle styles can give your traditional staircase a much-needed lift. 

Curved Staircases

Depending on your home’s layout, a curved staircase may make more sense than traditional straight stairs. A slightly rounded staircase can have a grandiose feel, especially if there are two mirrored staircases. If you’re short on space, a spiral staircase might be the best fit, although a full spiral staircase may be steep and difficult for some people to traverse. 

Floating Staircases

Floating staircases feature a horizontal step (run) but not a vertical connector (rise). The steps are suspended in the air by cables or a hidden connector that runs underneath the entire staircase. The absence of the vertical rise means you can see straight through the stairs to what’s behind them. The visual effect is truly a work of art that gives the stairs a light and airy effect. However, because there is no vertical rise, it can be difficult for some people to judge the depth of the stair, particularly for those with a sight impairment. 


Just like the rest of the floors in your home, your stairs can be constructed with a variety of flooring types. They can be gorgeous stained hardwood for a strong traditional look, or natural wood for a more earthy feel. You can use marble or granite for an elegant, powerful feature. And any number of specialty tiles can create a custom look. These solid materials are fantastic options, but you’ll need to incorporate some kind of non-slip surface for safety, and remember that a bare staircase can have a sometimes have a cold feel. 

A carpet runner that extends the length of the staircase but isn’t as wide can soften the look and add interest. And if you’re a fan of carpet, fully carpeted stairs are a great soft and lush choice. Consider using a coordinating carpet that doesn’t exactly match your other spaces for your runner or carpeted stairs. Even something like a herringbone runner in the same general color as your other carpets would add a layer of design to your space.  

Railing and Balusters/Spindles

Changing your handrails is another way to update your overall look. A metal railing made of steel gives an industrial, masculine look. A wood railing tends to be more traditional but can be crafted to fit a more transitional or modern space. 

And don’t overlook the spindles. These are the vertical rods that support the railing and are sometimes called balusters. These can be wood, wrought iron or even wire. Even simply painting wood spindles can give your staircase a new feel.

Make it Yours

These are just a few of your options. Now it’s time to get creative. Whether you’re doing a full remodel of your stairs or just want an update, you can mix and match flooring, textures and materials to create a look that’s perfect for you.  

Want to go the extra mile? Incorporate LED lights under the run of each step to add brightness for aesthetics as well as safety. And don’t forget the area underneath the stairs. It’s called a spandrel, and it’s a great place to get creative. Use it for storage, or turn it into extra shelving, a wine cellar, or even a tucked-away nook perfect for playing or reading. When you’re ready to take your ideas to the next level, Hiltons Flooring can help. We have the materials you’ll need for your new staircase to make sure it is as beautiful as it is safe. Call us at 817-910-7758 or contact us online to get your project started today!