Silestone Shower Installation in Arlington, TX

Choose Silestone for Your DFW Shower Remodel

When you want a shiny new shower, you want options to make it beautiful and relaxing. Your shower should be a haven where you do more than just clean your body. It can be a place of rejuvenation.

Hiltons Flooring has ample options for you, and you can definitely get the shower you want. If you’re shopping around for ideas, allow us to point you to silestone. It’s a type of quartz with a few other minerals in the body of the stone. This combination yields a natural stone that is very hard and tough. It handles water well (unlike many other hard stones), and it can cover every inch of your new shower.

If you’re interested in getting a silestone shower installed in your home, contact Hiltons Flooring today. We perform shower and bathroom remodels in Arlington and throughout the DFW metroplex.

Benefits of Silestone Shower Floors

Silestone has a lot to offer your shower floors. With the natural quartz look, it creates natural patterns that draw the eye and make your shower look truly unique.

Silestone is also very hard and durable. This is great for flooring in general, but showers are an environment where things get dropped. A strong floor will stand up to impacts, so no more worrying about industrial-size bottles of shampoo damaging the floor.

Silestone is also stain resistant. Because it is nonporous, it’s hard for staining solvents to get a hold in the stone and cause discoloration. 

Benefits of Silestone Shower Walls

Everything that makes silestone great for a shower floor applies to the walls too, but there are more benefits to discuss. One of the best things about silestone is that it is available in a wide range of colors. If you have a uniform look in mind, the walls can match the floors. But you’re also not stuck with that as a limitation. You can choose silestone walls that create an invigorating contrast with the floors.

Silestone is a low-maintenance stone. If you have stone built-ins to hold your hair and body wash, you won’t need extra elbow grease to keep the stone pretty. Spilled soap will wipe right off, and you won’t be fighting uphill battles against soap scum or mildew. Silestone does need to be cleaned, and dry bathroom environments are better, but nonporous stones are much easier to keep clean than their porous counterparts.

Contact Us for a Full Shower Remodel With Silestone

Silestone makes for great showers, but you have many more options than just this one stone. If you want to explore all of them, visit the Hiltons Flooring showroom in Arlington, TX. You can contact us to set up an appointment, or you can browse options online.

As you’re browsing, be prepared for a serious talk about the shower or bathroom you want. We offer full remodeling services. We can make your new shower everything you dreamed it could be, and we don’t have to stop there. Hiltons Flooring does complete bathroom remodels. We can even knock down walls and make the whole thing bigger.

It all starts with a conversation with one of our experts. Give us a call or contact us online. We can get the conversation started, and you’ll be on your way to having your dream bathroom. We serve homeowners throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.