Complete Bathroom and Shower Remodels

Shower Remodel Experts

Hiltons Flooring is a one-stop shop for complete shower remodeling work in Arlington, TX and the surrounding cities. When you work with us, you get the total package. Contact us today. We’ll show you an amazing selection that provides anything you could want for your bathroom. We’ll work with you to design the bathroom of your dreams. When that is set, we’ll roll up our sleeves and do the hard work to make it all come true.

DFW Shower Remodelers

Hiltons Flooring is more than just a place to get tile and stone. It’s the place to go for full remodeling services. We can change every inch of your bathroom. If you are more focused on what you want, a shower remodel is a great way to get the most out of your investment. We can rip out the old shower and build a new one from scratch. We can change where it is in the bathroom and do all the accompanying work. With Hiltons Flooring, you get options and possibilities. Contact us for beautiful shower design and quality construction work in Arlington and throughout the DFW metroplex.

Elements of a Shower Remodel


It’s normal to want to change the floor plan of the bathroom itself. We call this an expansion. It is the part of a remodel where we can literally knock down or move walls. The bathroom can become bigger or change shape. Expansion opens up options like a designated walk-in shower, moving a closet into the bathroom, adding built-ins, upgrading the bathtub, and so much more.

Expansion requires deep technical knowledge to safely move and knock down walls and to plan everything appropriately. When you want a major bathroom remodel, you want contractors who can handle this part of the job.

Walls & Floors

In this part of the remodel, we are not discussing removing walls entirely. Rather, this is the part of the remodel where you can pick finishing looks for the shower walls and floor. Tile, stone, and artificial materials are available, and the full scope of color and design options can be dizzying.

You can also get matching or complementary tiles added to the surrounding bathroom walls and floors as well. For a complete bathroom remodel, you can choose a number of different flooring designs, tiles, and more. Our experts can help you find ideas that go well together and make each part of your bathroom pop. 

Glass vs. Curtain

How your shower is enclosed is both a major visual and a functional element to the overall design of the bathroom. The most common options are shower glass and shower curtains.

Curtains can be great for efficiency and are low maintenance. They save money and are best utilized when space is limited. We can help you design around your shower curtain entryway, whether it is for a dedicated shower or a tub combo.

Shower glass has nearly unlimited applications. Floor-to-ceiling glass can look amazing and make the shower feel inviting and warm. Strategic glass can provide a sense of elegance and ambiance while saving money overall. At Hiltons Flooring, we handle custom glass designs, so you can get whatever you want.

Plumbing & Fixtures

Plumbing is another major technical point in a shower remodel. We’re fully prepared to reroute plumbing in order to optimize the bathroom and transform it into the spectacular room you envision. We can change water supplies and drains and even revamp the water heater if needed.

Plumbing also applies to fixtures, and a bathroom remodel often means new fixtures. Fixtures provide an opportunity to completely reimagine the style of the bathroom, and they can improve quality of life by offering better water flow or more comfortable positioning. We have a huge selection of fixtures and can help you find the perfect ones for your shower remodel.

Silestone Showers

Silestone has recently become a favorite choice among homeowners for their bathroom remodels. It’s a material that combines natural quartz with a few other raw materials. The result is a gorgeous stone that is very hard and tough.

To see silestone and other fantastic options, you can check out our silestone shower page. You can see the dramatic impact of a great stone and let it spark your creativity. An amazing bathroom is often just a few pictures away from blooming in your mind.