Preparing for Carpet Installation

Preparing your home for installation of your new flooring.

After you have chosen your new flooring, you will schedule a professional installation with our team. To ensure that your installation goes smoothly, we have prepared comprehensive checklists for you to follow as you prepare your home. 

Pre-Installation Checklist

  • Make arrangements to have your old flooring removed. 
  • Be sure to empty all rooms and closets that will receive new flooring before the installation begins. 
  • If valuable items are stored close to the area that will be carpeted, remove these items prior to the installation. 
  • Remove hanging objects close to or inside the installation areas. 
  • Be sure installers will have access to electrical power in the area where carpet will be installed, as well as a place to store and cut materials. 
  • If you have electronics, computers, or appliances in the installation area, remove them. 
  • If our team will be sanding during installation, cover all furniture, cupboards and other items in the area. 
  • You can leave your moldings and baseboards in place, but we will not be responsible if they become damaged. 
  • If you have any instructions or preferences for the installation of your floor, be sure to speak with our team when you make your purchase. 

Post-Installation Checklist

  • Following your installation, inspect your flooring and report any concerns you notice to the installation team. 
  • It is common to need to touch up paint on baseboards, moldings, and walls following carpet installation. 
  • All installations will produce wasted pieces, most likely from irregular shapes in rooms or the need to resurface stairs and hallways. Our installation crew will remove this waste after the flooring has been installed. However, cleaning your new floors after installation will be your responsibility. 
  • Keep the area of installation well ventilated for 72 hours after your flooring has been installed. 
  • Depending on the height of your new flooring, you may need to trim hinged doors for proper clearance after installation. 

All of the flooring we install is of the highest quality. However, all flooring is subject to wear and tear. For this reason, it is important to follow all maintenance recommendations as you care for your flooring. If you notice problems with the carpet, address them immediately to prevent them from getting worse. Contact the Hiltons Flooring team in Arlington, TX if you have any questions about your new flooring.