7 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Look up the statistics for home ownership in the United States. You’ll find that about 65-66% of Americans own a home as of 2022 (variations based on the source). There is a pretty good chance that a large percentage will not know too much about luxury vinyl plank flooring. And why would they? In recent years, everything from DIY home improvement shows to long-running remodeling TV programming have focused on the virtues of real wood floors, tile, stone, and laminates. Lost in the mix has been the luxury vinyl plank (LVP).

What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

In essence, the idea behind LVP is getting the look of real hardwoods when budget and/or materials are not at one’s disposal. The composition of the planks make for a durable material that is recommended for number of environments. One of the brands we have here at Hiltons Flooring is our biggest supplier in our showroom, the Karndean brand. The material itself is made from PVC, akin to the PVC piping found in homes. It is structured with five layers:

  • (2) PVC backing layers
  • (1) high definition photographic layer
  • (1) clear PVC embossed wear layer
  • (1) a top polyurethane protective coating

We have this product in 75% of our 3,000 ft2 showroom in Arlington, TX. In fact, Hiltons Flooring is actually one of the largest Karndean retailers in the DFW Metroplex. They have so many looks, from a tile-look to a hand scraped wood-look.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

But durability is just one of the reasons homeowners should keep luxury vinyl plank flooring in mind for their next remodeling project. Consider the following:

Easy to Maintain — Cleaning luxury vinyl plank flooring is quite easy. Sweeping with a traditional broom and dustpan or a dry microfiber mop are ideal. For further cleaning, use products designed for LVP applications.

Budget-Friendly — Luxury vinyl plank flooring is actually quite cost-effective, especially when compared to hardwoods. Pricing will vary depending on where one buys the material (i.e., location and retailer/wholesaler), as well as when one factors in installation.

Longevity — When maintained well & cared for by the homeowner, LVP flooring is estimated to last in the 20-25 year range. In many cases, this may actually outlast the length of time that a homeowner will remain in the home.

Not Just One Brand — Many so-called budget-conscious wholesalers will tout their LVP flooring wares. They’ll also forget to mention that they work with one or two brands at most. Since choices are limited, prospective clients feels as though they have a couple of options. They can choose from one of the LVP flooring brands available. Otherwise, they’ll have to go in a different, more expensive direction regarding flooring material. The best wholesalers, however, offer a plethora of brands from which to choose.

Professional Installation Matters

There is one big question often asked about these planks — can they be installed on top of existing flooring? One thing homeowners need to know is that any time a crew has to remove old material for a job, labor costs increase. When it comes to old flooring, technically, luxury vinyl plank flooring can be installed on top so long as it meets the right conditions. This is where working with a professional installation team makes a big difference.

To that point, TV programming over the last 15-20 years has given folks a ton of confidence to go full DIY when it comes to home improvement. Unfortunately, the balance of confidence and competence has fallen a bit out of wack in many situations. As cost-effective as LVP flooring is and as receptive as your old flooring may be to have new flooring installed on top of it, trying your hand at it and making a mess of things is costing you time & money.

Here at Hiltons Flooring in Arlington, TX, we want you to choose the ideal luxury vinyl plank in for your space, and let our professional installers do what they do best — knock it out of the park from the start. Touch base with our team today!